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Big Thinkers. Big Questions. Small Data.

Primal is a company of big thinkers. We don’t think all of the big questions have been answered; in fact, we’re certain the most important questions have yet to be asked.

As a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, we trust individuals to take on and own large scopes of responsibility. Our teams work closely and collaboratively to get things done.

And thanks to our Employee Trust, all Primal employees are also shareholders.

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Our Values

Our values represent our team’s shared focus and leave room for individuality and diversity.


We are pioneers of new products and technology, always focused on what’s next, not what’s now.

Big Problems.

We ask the big questions that lead to big answers.


We are skeptics. We value market-tested facts and evidence over opinions and assumptions.


We move fast, make small iterations, and market-test early and often.

Our Work Environment

Primal is based on Canada’s innovation capital, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

Our philosophy to work is results-oriented. We believe this requires a healthy work-life balance and flexible working hours. Our work environment is grounded on three values.

Our objective is to provide the most productive and inspiring work environment as possible. Our offices support both solitary and collaborative work styles. Individual team rooms and innovations areas are available for collaboration and brainstorming.


Respect for individuals, for our organization, and for our opportunity.


Individuals have individual work styles. We support flexible working hours and styles.


Trust and transparency are essential for a fast-moving and results-oriented organization.