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Primal-Powered Learning Sherpa Voted Education App with Most Potential

Learning Sherpa, a Primal-powered application that tailors educational content based on the intersection of interests between educators and students, was awarded The Learners’ Choice Prize in the Desire2Learn Edge Challenge. Learning Sherpa was selected as the submission with the most potential to have a lasting impact on teaching and learning.

Learning Sherpa, Guiding Your Learning Journey

The goal of Learning Sherpa is to generate more engaged learning experiences. Lack of engagement equals lack of learning. How can we provide course content that is fresh and appeals to individual students, delivered in a scalable cost-effective way?

Learning Sherpa uniquely connects students to teachers for an enhanced learning experience. Each student specifies his or her own interests while the teacher outlines class concepts that students must master.

The intersection of a teacher's curriculum and a student's individual interests

Underpinned by Primal’s data service, Learning Sherpa surfaces highly relevant content falling in the sweet spot of teaching requirements and student interests. This content can support in-class discussions, guide assignments, inspire essays and research projects, or just fuel the imagination of students and teachers alike.

Congratulations to Mike Rolfe, Justin Kominar, and the rest of the Learning Sherpa team for leading education into the interest networking era!

Justin Kominar (left) and Michael Rolfe present Learning Sherpa

(Photo credit: Paul Goodwin)

If you’d like to learn more about how you can leverage the power of Primal’s technology in your applications, please contact us. If you’d like to jump right in, you can start using Primal’s data service right away.