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Content Curation Website for Content Marketing

A comprehensive resource for content marketing covering a wide range of topics of interest to content marketers.

Primal, a content discovery assistant, does most of the grunt work of finding the right information for the specific topics featured on the site.

Read on for a tour of the features of this content curation project.

The Many Disciplines of Content Marketing

We structured our content marketing site using the topics from the events at the conference (over 80 events are offered, with very little overlap in subject matter!). These topics are accessed through navigation at the top, under the More link.

Featured Content and Events for Each Topic

At the top of each topic page, the corresponding events at the conference at featured, so that you can quickly hone in on the events that are most relevant to your interests.

Find Related Content

When you focus in a specific event or content item, content that’s closely related to that item is presented at the bottom of the summary page.


Follow Content Marketing

Content marketing is an extremely dynamic and ever-changing subject. The homepage for the site provides a stream of the latest information curated across all topics. If you want to follow the latest content marketing developments using RSS, there’s a link to the feed at the bottom of the list of topics.


Contact Us

If you’d like to share your ideas or learn more about our experiences building the site, contact us on Twitter or via email.