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Primal + Law Firms

Increase efficiency with the power of artificial intelligence.

Highly-efficient law firms utilize artificial intelligence to digest and analyze the increasing amount of data and knowledge available to them.

The historic model of manually analyzing legal documents has become a drain on company resources. Primal makes it possible for law firms to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to automate this process and improve efficiency.

For this purpose, we launched Lexica KM, an AI-powered knowledge management platform for law firms that is designed to reduce cost by streamlining legal research and enhancing collaboration across teams. Click here for more information.

From Unstructured Data to Uncovered Knowledge

Much of the data available to law firms is considered unstructured data. Unstructured data is all of the information hidden within emails, documents, transcripts, case files, and other raw sources. Traditionally, all of this information would be manually analyzed by a team of law clerks.

Primal’s artificial intelligence automatically analyzes all of your unstructured data, identifies the relevant information, and organizes it into a knowledge graph. Your firm can then use the knowledge graph to query the data, identify patterns, make accurate predictions, and apply to machine learning models.

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How can Primal help your Law Firm?


Reduce your team’s hours dedicated to finding information in documents.

  • Text Extraction
  • Due Diligence
  • Document Review
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Compliance Monitoring


Increase productivity by reducing the time needed to effectively search for what you need.

  • Smarter Search
  • eDiscovery


Answer more complex questions and find information that is hard to find using traditional search methods.

  • Decision Support
  • Business Analytics

Primal in Action

Primal solves a core problem for law firms by automating the processing and analysis of case files and other documents. This is traditionally a resource-intensive, time-consuming, and highly-manual process which often involves a team of law clerks sorting and labelling information within documents, so that it can be shared with lawyers via a database.

Lawyers are left to sift through this mass of data and determine what is worth analyzing or not. They typically analyze subsets of data using spreadsheets in an attempt to predict potential case outcomes and try to determine which factors might influence future cases, but this is a piecemeal effort.

Primal’s solution helps with both parts of this problem. First, it uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to structure and label the unstructured data via machines, speeding up the process considerably and allowing law clerks to focus on other tasks. This results in a significant time savings and also improves accuracy.

Secondly, the newly structured data is represented in a knowledge graph so it can be fed into a model for predictive analytics, providing new insights to lawyers and augmenting their analysis.

About Primal

Primal develops custom artificial intelligence solutions for our clients. We are a team of data scientists and developers focused on applying AI and machine learning to today’s business problems by making unstructured data actionable.

If you have a data project in mind, contact us today to discover how Primal can help.

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