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Primal’s Technology

Organizing unstructured data into knowledge.

Primal is focused on the understanding, extraction, engineering, and application of unstructured data.

Our technology uncovers hidden insights and knowledge from data which has previously been unactionable.

Primal uses the latest advancements in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to process unstructured data into structured and actionable knowledge.

From unstructured to structured

Unstructured data refers to any data or information not collected in an organized database. Unstructured data can be found in document text, emails, chat conversations, social media interactions, customer records, and elsewhere.

Unstructured data contains relevant and powerful information, but in its unstructured state, the only way to analyze the data without Primal is manually – a time-consuming and expensive endeavour. Primal’s artificial intelligence automatically analyzes unstructured data and organizes it into a structured composition, unlocking the ability to extract knowledge, patterns, and predictions.

Primal’s Analysis Engine uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to extract entities and relationships from unstructured data. It combines Machine Learning algorithms, such as Deep Learning, with domain-specific knowledge graphs to automatically classify text and understand its true meaning in context.

Primal’s Analysis Engine is used for knowledge discovery and involves the following processes


Knowledge Extraction

Extraction of entities and relationships from unstructured data.


Knowledge Representation

Representation of knowledge in a consistent format.


Knowledge Generation

Formulating new concept entities and filling in missing relationships among entities within the knowledge base.

What can you do with unstructured data?

Predictive Analysis

Primal can apply statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms to newly structured data to forecast activity and trends. Predictive models place a numerical value – or score – on the probability of a particular event occurring.


With Primal’s solution, all of an enterprise’s data – including previously unstructured data – can be tracked and reported on.

Synthesis by Primal

Primal’s Synthesis Engine is a patented approach that synthesizes knowledge to generate new knowledge. It assimilates the knowledge base generated from Primal’s Analysis Engine and expands on topics based on the user’s intents or objectives.

  • Query Expansion
  • Enterprise Search
  • Content Recommendation
  • Product Recommendation