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Head of Products

Who We Are

At Primal, we generate data that computers understand.

Primal is a leader in the emerging synthetic semantic data space. With years of foundational and applied research, over 150 international patents, and an industrial-strength fully-automated semantic engine, we are expanding the team to drive global commercialization.

The core use cases for this synthesized semantic data include search, content recommendation, product recommendation, contextual advertising, personalization, semantic metadata generation, training data augmentation, and more. These use cases are serviced in the following product categories:

  • A DaaS Platform for developers 
  • A series of Primal-powered purpose-built product integrations, apps, and plug-ins launched on some of the world’s most important platforms 
  • New products and services in emerging product categories powered by Primal’s core innovations

At Primal we embrace results. This means that with clarity of purpose, alignment on company values and goals, and clear individual and collective results expectations, all Primal team members are trusted to work productively, autonomously, from anywhere, and to collaborate with other team members as needed. Primal provides the support, guidance, and the tools—including work spaces if requested—to support you.

We also embrace a diverse and inclusive work environment—one where everyone, regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you are, feels equally involved and supported. We believe strongly that our differences make us better, stronger, and harder to compete against.

Role Description

Reporting to the President, and working with the leadership team, you will be responsible for the firm’s product strategy and the execution of that strategy to drive commercialization.

You will be responsible for all aspects of the product life cycle; from understanding market needs, prioritizing which markets/products to go with and when, translating those needs into product functionality for the engineering team, and then to continual upgrade to lead in each of our chosen markets, all for the purpose of driving revenues.

Your Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with the leadership team to define, support, and execute the overall company strategy to drive commercialization.
  • Collaborating with the head of revenue, distill the corporate strategy into a clear set of customer-centric product roadmaps that include the entire product lifecycle.
  • Build and inspire your team to get results.
  • Collaborate with the head of R&D and their team to ensure there are clear technical product plans and timelines. 
  • Be a key evangelist and thought leader for Primal and participate in conferences, as well as participate in discussions with market analysts, investors, and the internal Primal team.

You Bring:

  • Experience as a product leader, able to inspire your team and willing to roll up your sleeves to get things done when needed.
  • Able to clearly articulate and measure results with each team member regardless of where they work. 
  • An unwavering customer-centric mindset driving the product development process.
  • Able to distill product strategy and roadmaps into digestible and relevant elements for each key constituency; your team, the revenue team, the R&D team, and customers.  
  • A technical degree would be an asset.

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