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Primal + Financial Institutions

Billions of data points. Billions of potential learnings.

From detecting fraud to understanding how customers view your organization, artificial intelligence plays a critical role in today’s most relevant financial institutions.

Primal makes it possible for financial enterprises currently unequipped with AI resources to do the same.

Without artificial intelligence, it is impossible for financial institutions to effectively analyze the billions of data points available to them. This data, pulled from increasingly complex places, holds hidden insights able to help enterprises make wiser decisions and better predict future outcomes.

“Financial institutions often lag behind other industries in recruiting and retaining people with the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to create an AI-enabled workplace.”

World Economic Forum, August 2018

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How can Primal help your Financial Institution?


Analyze your enterprise’s structured and unstructured data in one place for a more complete picture and understanding of your customers.

  • Real-time Data Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Analysis


Improve your offerings by better understanding how customers feel about your organization and your services.

  • Sentiment Analysis


Uncover patterns and predictions previously undetectable with manual or statistical methods.

  • Fraud Detection
  • Fraud Profiling
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Claims Vetting

Primal in Action

Primal helps banks understand their customers by analyzing multiple sources of unstructured data.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Primal extracts the text from support call transcripts, chatbot logs, online surveys, and social media interactions. Artificial Intelligence identifies which text contains comments and which text acts as a transaction (e.g. a question about branch hours).

With the comments and transactions identified, Primal is able to determine the sentiment, identifying whether a comment is positive, negative, or neutral. The comments are then categorized within a predefined set of categories, allowing the now structured data to be used in future queries and assist in identifying new patterns and insights.

About Primal

Primal develops custom artificial intelligence solutions for our clients. We are a team of data scientists and developers focused on applying AI and machine learning to today’s business problems by making unstructured data actionable.

If you have a data project in mind, contact us today to discover how Primal can help.

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