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Confessions of a Twitter Bot

Bots have a bad reputation. Whether they’re sinister botnets, carrying out coordinated attacks, or annoying spambots, polluting our digital universe with crappy auto-generated content, bots are a much maligned bunch.

You might ask, if bots are bad and a huge portion of Twitter activity is already generated by bots, Why is Primal creating another one?

We believe that intelligent, well-intentioned bots can add a lot of value.

If we build a bot that truly understands you as an individual and can do useful work on your behalf, it might be a welcome addition to the social scene.

In this post, we’ll share some observations and insights into the question, Can a Twitter bot do good?

People just want to talk to someone…

One of the immediate points of gratification around this bot is that it converses with you, as an individual.

On some level it might seem sad, but robot pets prove there’s a place in this world for social bots.

If the intent is to drive user engagement, bots can help jump start the conversations.

Bots can be funny…


Bots can be useful…

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Bots can be thought-provoking…